The Dragon’s Kitchen

The Dragon’s Kitchen is a new and exciting venture, born out of passion for food and the importance it plays in all of our lives. The Dragon’s Kitchen seeks to create an exciting mix of food and heritage, coupled with good old fashioned customer service. The team behind The Dragon’s Kitchen believe putting lots of effort into sourcing good ingredients and recipes deserves that the food should be complimented by great serving bowls, plates, spoons and jugs.

Product List

Herb it along.

Herbs and spices will often add more to a meal than expected. A cheaper cut of meat or a mix of vegetables can be transformed with a simple blend of the right herbs and/or spices. These gifts include a mix of dried herbs and spices in jars chosen because of their versatlity and ease of use, at least two fresh herb plants with instructions on care, a collection of recipes showing how these herbs and spices can be used and a ‘potted’ history of the herbs and spices.

Hot pots


So are you a lover of chilli or hot things?  If so Dragon`s Kitchen has just the gift for you. Whether your family or friends like their chilli mild, warm or tingling hot we can offer you  a range of gifts. Or perhaps their taste buds prefer a kick of horseradish or some unusual mustard? If you think they will prefer a taste of Asia again we have lots of ideas for you to ensure your gift is unique and most importantly is going to be enjoyed. We have something for everyone who enjoys the heat J   

Hot Pots include a selection of ‘hot preserves’ – chillis, mustards, horseradish or ………… We`ve picked the best from all over the Country – we taste them all so you don`t have to – hard job being part of Dragon`s Kitchen J. They also include a chilli plant, some spare batteries (well chilli seeds) as they are difficult to grow, a selection of recipes and some interesting facts on hot food.

And because we believe in reducing waste your hot pot will indeed be a pot, either a old, traditional flower pot for allowing your chilli plant to grow and flourish or perhaps a lovely old serving dish accompanied by a note as to it`s history.

Served on a plate  

So you have gone to all the trouble of creating a dish made out of the best ingredients and

Sweet Nothings

Well  in this case, sweet somethings. Whether your taste buds prefer  jam or marmalde we have a range of handmade preserves to excite you. All accompanied by a old/unusual/ interesting dish and spoon. And of course one of our hand written notes giving you some of the background to the fruits, the dish or the people making the sweet preserve that your toast or scone is just waiting for.  

7`s Luxury Hampers

Classic 7 hampers.

The number 7 (七, Pinyin: qī) symbolizes “togetherness”. It is a lucky number for relationships. It is also recognized as the luckiest number in the West, and is one of the rare numbers that is great in both Chinese and many Western cultures. It is a lucky number in Chinese culture, because it sounds alike to the Chinese character 起 (Pinyin: qi3) meaning arise.

7 is also associated with the Classic Car Caterham 7 – style, finesses with lots of character. For a special occasions the ‘7’ hamper can be hand delivered using Dragon`s Kitchen`s own 7

 Little Green Fingers

Yummy for Mummy`s Tummy


Simply Students            


Garlic – The Stinking Rose or Aromatic Lilly


Renowned for it`s health properties, garlic is a favourite ingredient of many cooks.  The Garlic Farm at theIsle of Wight is certainly a favourite haunt of the Dragon`s Kitchen Team.

Sometimes known as the Stinking Rose  it is actually a member of the Lily family along with onions and shallots.

Smoked, raw, cooked; the smell, the taste – garlic can you beat it.

The gifts from Dragon`s Kitchen will vary from week to week depending on availability but we can promise – they will look good, smell good and by golly they`ll do you good.

Books – Take a leaf – 3 steps to heaven


Well sometimes the recipes will be more than 3 steps but all our cookery books have been read by The Dragon`s Kitchen Team and our favourite recipes noted – you may not agree – but at least have a look. All the books are accompanied by an ingredient of our favourite recipe or a little something that we think will add to the experience. 




Should cheese be served as a dessert, after the dessert, before the dessert or as a meal in itself.  British, french, swiss or even spanish – so much choice.

As exciting are the chutneys and pickles that are available to accompany the great choice of cheeses available. Dragon`s Kitchen really enjoy putting these gifts together –   


Desserts/puddings       A bit of what you fancy   Sweet tooth  


A Taste of the East


Feast fit for a King


Pretty as a picture/Good enough to eat


Afternoon Tea/Tea for Two




Tied to the apron strings




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